Extract Energy’s breakthrough technology generates the highest power conversion commercally available from waste heat between 70°-150°C with zero CO2 emissions.

The Heat Engine uses Smarter Alloys’ proprietary technology, which unlocks the full potential of shape memory alloys to be materials that truly function like machines.


The core of our Heat Engine is comprised of Nickel Titanium – the shape memory alloy (SMA) also known as “NiTi”. In the Smarter Alloys labs, NiTi is treated in an innovative and proprietary way that allows it to be used for extended, repeated activity at lower temperature ranges than other heat engines.


When the Heat Engine is connected to your facility’s waste heat stream, our specially formulated NiTi core drives a series of self-actuating valves without any external or internal electrical sources. In this way, no parasitic power is consumed for electrical generation.


Our proprietary SMA technology and valve innovations create cyclical motion that is captured by the Heat Engine’s generator and immediately converts it to usable energy.


The energy created by the Heat Engine is grid-quality electricity, which can be used by your facility immediately by plugging into one of several ports directly on the device.

Primary Power


Oil & Gas

Food & Beverage

Data Centers

Pulp & Paper

Mining Operations


Where can the Extract Energy heat engine be used?

This innovative technology can be installed in virtually any site that continuously generates low temperature waste heat, such as industrial manufacturing, food processing facilities, energy generation stations, mining operations, combined heat and power plants, or new sources such as data centres and geothermal energy.

Pilot Success

The Extract Energy Heat Engine prototype was successfully run at Last Spike Brewery in Calgary, Alberta. Installed in just a few hours, the engine immediately demonstrated its innovative waste-heat capture ability by producing grid-quality electricity from the brewery’s own processes.

In the brewery, the Smarter Alloys team safely installed the Extract Energy system in a matter of hours and demonstrated their ability to generate electricity from a waste heat stream that we literally pour down the drain. Last Spike Brewery is continuously seeking solutions that allow us to increase efficiency and cut down on environmental impacts and the Extract Energy system clearly demonstrated this while seamlessly integrating into our existing processes.

Evan Kaslander, Operations Manager | Last Spike Brewery

Interested in joining our pilot program?

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